Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Age of Sigmar December Game Day

Hey everyone,

The Northern California Age of Sigmar group had our first get together game day a couple of weeks ago. It was a total blast, we had 7 people show up and play games. Fun was had by all involved, I figured I would share the slight restrictions and modifications we are using for these events as many people seem to be a little worried about game balance. It actually worked really well for us, even though we all agree not every wound is created equal.

Army Building:
Each player must pick a faction from a single PDF as their main force to build the balance of their army out of. Then they may take up to two Warscrolls of allies from one other faction with the matching Order, Death, Destruction or Chaos Keyword.

So for example Timmy is taking Ogres as his main force and could take two Orc Warscrolls as allies from their list because both armies have the “Destruction” Keyword.

5-10 Warscrolls
1-4 Heroes
0-2 Monsters
0-3 War machines
80 Total Wounds Hard Cap
30 Wound Scroll Cap
Summoned Scrolls can only contain the minimum number of models that are listed on the scroll, no more no less. However, in the case of summoning Spells that specify a number of models determined by the casting roll like Tomb Kings Skeletons or Daemons you may use those numbers.

General Rules Amendments:

All measuring will be done to and from bases, this will just make things much cleaner and easier to determine what is in range.

Cover bonus:
To gain the armor save bonus from being in cover a model must have at least half its base within the terrain features footprint.

Later this week I will give some more thoughts on balanced gameplay ideas for Age of Sigmar.

Here are some pics from the event. 

Until next time keep your powder dry and dice flying! 

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  1. I'm going to try this again at the Hobbytown in Fresno, California in February. We had a few players last time, several months ago -- and others are buying models off the shelf but seemingly tinkering at home. Trying to unite the fiends -- one wound at a time. I like the loose structure you designed -- I did something similar, and may borrow from this.