Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Possible return to Podcasting

Those of you that have known me for a long time will remember I used to be an avid Podcaster, I have to be honest I sort of miss it, face it I have a lot of opinions on gaming and like to share them to see what others think. I also have almost 40 years of experience and knowledge to call upon within the wargaming community.

I am really considering starting a fantasy based Podcast covering all things Fantasy miniatures related but would be mostly focused on Age of Sigmar. Maybe a once a month, long episode kind of show; with a rotating second chair cohost slot to start with. The second chair will be filled by any of my willing friends and guests from around the AoS community.

Age of Sigmar needs more positive voices in the community and I think that I could be useful in that roll. 

If I were to do this what sort of content would you like to see on the show? Leave your comments below and I will take them into consideration.  

Until next time keep your powder dry and dice flying!


  1. Greetings Jim. I have truly enjoyed some encounters locally here in the Central Valley with AoS, ranging from a constructed pick-up game to using Wounds or Azyr comp. All were a blast. but it is not a trafficked scene to say the least, and I do so much want to experience GW models in this rule set. I say write whatever is in you, let's hear it. Thanks for the efforts.

  2. And a positive, west coast podcast would be absolutely fantastic. I feel the possibilities for AoS are only limited by the players imaginations. Scenarios, campaigns, favorite model hobby projects -- it is all there waiting for us.

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