Monday, November 2, 2015

AoS Ogre/Ogor Tyrant finished

Welcome to the first hobby post for my Age of Sigmar Ogres/Ogors army that I am building. Up first is the completed Tyrant model I finished painting over the weekend. He is slightly converted as his left arm is not the stock sword arm from the kit; there was no way I was having a Gnoblar on his shoulder for all eternity. 

The next unit in the army will be a Unit of 3 Lead Belchers. 

What I really love about the Ogres/Ogors in AoS is the fact that the army is even smaller than it would be in old WFB. At my groups current 80-100 wound army cap I need between 16 to 22 models total! I am furiously painting 80 wounds for an event we are going to have on the first weekend of December!

Until next time, keep the faith!