Monday, November 2, 2015

AoS Ogre/Ogor Tyrant finished

Welcome to the first hobby post for my Age of Sigmar Ogres/Ogors army that I am building. Up first is the completed Tyrant model I finished painting over the weekend. He is slightly converted as his left arm is not the stock sword arm from the kit; there was no way I was having a Gnoblar on his shoulder for all eternity. 

The next unit in the army will be a Unit of 3 Lead Belchers. 

What I really love about the Ogres/Ogors in AoS is the fact that the army is even smaller than it would be in old WFB. At my groups current 80-100 wound army cap I need between 16 to 22 models total! I am furiously painting 80 wounds for an event we are going to have on the first weekend of December!

Until next time, keep the faith!


  1. Good to see you've dusted off the keyboard as well as the brushes, buddy!

  2. Curious, do you just use wounds to balance forces? When we play we allow the loser to add plus 5 wounds for the next game so after a dozen or so games the forces feel equal.

    1. We are currently using wounds to keep games under to around 2 hours of game play. Tomorrow we are having an 80 wound get together, I will post up a report sometime next week.