Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scourging of Persiet V narrative part 1

Here is the first narrative post for the CelestiCon 2013 40k Narrative Event: The Scourging of Persiet V. These posts will give you an idea of the underlying story line for the event; there will be many to follow.

***Priority Ultra Alpha communication
Captain Damacles signifier 99621Alpha88
Transmission begin***

Captain Damacles to any Imperial forces that hear this transmission, relay this message to Holy Terra. The Emperors forces on Persiet V have been shattered and scattered to the wilds of the world. Send reinforcements immediately the Traitors have found some ancient machine and are in the process of moving it off world.

Their Heretical Mechanicum allies seem very interested in this machine almost to the point of being sickeningly excited. That in itself strikes me as a very bad thing.

I am in command of the remaining Astartes forces on Persiet, and am doing everything in my power to thwart the Traitors at every turn, but we cannot last long. With every encounter we loose valuable Brothers.

The Emperor Protects

***End Transmission***