Thursday, August 29, 2013

CelestiCon Narrative update

More background for Sunday's event.

As the sun rose of the ruins of the once proud city of Hyrum the smell of the rotting dead was pungent in the air. One could feel the foul energies of Chaos crackling on skin and armor alike. Even the proud Ultramarines could feel the weight of these chaotic forces weighing on their minds, but as always they had no fear or doubts about their abilities on the field of battle.

The Eldar forces were almost emotional about the taint of Chaos on this waypoint world for their glorious Webway. This was especially hard for them since the forces of Chaos had discovered the location of said waypoint.

The skyline turned almost purple as the sorcerous cabal of Chaos worked their dark art and unleashed a hellstorm of Daemonic furies into the skies above the city. Xusia had foreseen the coming battle and the omens bode well for the Soul Reapers. His allies would take the brunt of the casualties, but he was fine with that as it is what allies are for. Dieing is what they do best, a dead ally is one that cannot betray you!

Xusia was approaching the reactor facility where he had ordered a gathering of his commanders; when suddenly he electric tang of a teleporter beam flooded his senses. He quickly readied the staff of Dulgar and his bolt pistol.

At that moment a familiar voice came across the comms bead in his helmet. “Lower your weapons Brother! The Warlord has sent me here to lead our forces in the coming battle.” said Ganicus the Blademaster.

Xusia Replied “So the Warlord sends his Champion to usurp my command, I have earned the right to lead here. I took the world for him and am being removed with final victory in sight. Ganicus stay out of my way or things will end badly for you!”

The Champion chuckled “I am not here to shame you brother, I am expendable in the eyes of the Warlord, and you are not! You may plan the battle, but I will do the frontline fighting. The victory will be all yours by your plan; I will just win it for you.”

“I see, well I’ve got a war counsel to get to, time is short, sort yourself out and lets get going.” said Xusia as he resumed walking to the generator station, sounding extremely annoyed.

Xusia thought to himself “I did not see the Champions presence in my foresight, the presence of so many of the damned Eldar must be clouding my visions. This is a curious omen indeed.  

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