Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection?

A lot of my 40k friends have been asking me the above question. Well I must admit there are a few reasons why. 

First off I love the Mutant Chronicles universe and it was the last universe that I role played with all of my friends from high school. So nostalgia has some to do with this and I am fine with that.

Secondly I like that the universe it set in our solar system with planets being terraformed and colonized. The Dieselpunk setting is relatable and has a real world feel to it, well outside of the mystical Dark Symmetry corrupting anything high tech like AI computers and the like; it was the harbinger of Dark Legions aliens bringing their necrotech into the realm of man.

Just imagine it, humanity has terraformed and colonized the solar system making large leaps in technology, relying on AI for many of the daily operating needs; when suddenly he Dark Symmetry is unleased and all humanities precious AI’s are rendered useless, plummeting humanity back to 1970’s and 80’s tech levels. To me that is a compelling game setting.

The third thing is the look of Mutant Chronicles. I love the stylistic 20th century national stereotypes of the corporations. Bauhaus has a very Prussian/German vibe, Capitol has a very American feel, Imperial is very much UK based on WWI and WWII styles, Mishima has a very strong Japanese Samurai meets sci-fi theme and finally Cybertronic has a Terminator the movie vibe, while not a national stereotype a very cool style.

Then you have the human religious faction the Brotherhood, think knights Templar meet wizards in space.

Finally we have the big bad, the Dark Legion using their necrotech to create hoards of Zombie legionaries and multitudes of mutants that brutally do the bidding of their alien overlords. The true power of the Legion is their mastery of the Dark Symmetry which lays waste to all but the simplest of human technology. 

 My last point is the fact that I have been hugely into 40k constantly for almost 26 years, but I need a break from it dominating my gaming time. 

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!


  1. I remember the time when warzone was the 'other game' everyone played. I never got into it as a game but I remember buying the box set with the Bauhaus and Imperial troopers - 60 in all - that I used for my Imperial Guard.

    The new figures have a more realistic/natural feel to them. I kind of like them more than the 90's figures.

    Have you played the game yet and is it any good?

  2. Thanks for the comment and question bro. I agree the new more real look and feel blows the setting past miniatures lines out of the fraking water.

    I have indeed tried out this newest incarnation of the game and it is a really dynamic feeling game. We have only seen army lists for two of the factions, but so far it looks like it is gonna be really balanced.