Friday, June 7, 2013

Back to Business as Usual

So now that I have a clean slate and the worst of my health issues seem to be falling behind me for the time being, it is time to plot out my hobby time. I expect to start working on these projects in late June, but more realistically in July.

As you may have noticed at the end of my Galaxy in Flames days I am very excited for the resurrection of the Mutant Chronicles universe on the tabletop. The rulebook (which I have had a hand in, more on that later) and the first of the new miniatures range should be released by the end of June, so am I planning to dig into the starter armies as soon as I get them to start running demos of the new game.
Then we have the unfinished business of the Soul Reapers rebuild. I really need to finish up the decals and bases so I can show off the army. It has been sitting in that condition since about the time the new Codex dropped, it is table worth by most people’s standards and I have used it, but I really want to have it completed so I can put the project from a main one into a side one where I do the occasional unit just because I want to paint it.  

I must admit it has been a real struggle getting this army back to the 2500 point level that it was at. I will also admit that I think the army is much more dynamic looking than the first go around, which is awesome. I will also be posting the final version of the codex for 2013 very soon as well. I won’t revisit the fandex until next year unless someone offers to help me make it a more slick looking PDF.

I also have a spaceship table to build for my Narrative/Big game Events. It will be similar in concept to my buddy Brian’s original Sin of Alacrity table.

Finally I have a bunch of French Indian War miniatures from Conquest minis that I am dieing to paint for the game Muskets and Tomahawks! It is a fantastic skirmish game set in a time period that I have adored since childhood.

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!